Tom Offermann


Tom Offermann

Tom Offermann is currently living the Portland, Oregon life, if not quite the Portlandia one. He's got a beard. He rides the streetcar. He drinks a lot of coffee.

He has a wonderful wife (professional presence here) and two daughters.

(He also quickly tires of talking in the third person…)

Back in the ancient days of the original Dot Com boom, I worked for ArsDigita (now defunct, after being swallowed up by Red Hat), where we built “database-backed websites” (really…that's what we called them) with Tcl, AOLserver and Oracle. Thankfully, I remember little of all that, so I'm not tempted to sit around and await the imminent Tcl revival, but instead, I've been focusing my recent programming efforts on Python.

In the meantime, I've also become quite the expert on being the stay-at-home Dad.

In 2009, our family took a year long sabbatical in Buenos Aires, chronicled ably by Michele at (Here's the post where we embark on our South American adventure.) While both of my daughters became nearly fluent, I managed to learn only a smattering of Spanish in all that time—almost all of which is food-related.

“¿Donde esta la heladería Persicco? ¡Me gusta chocolate amargo!”

I also became a big fan of upside-down punctuation marks.

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